RWANDA Shyira (Washed)
RWANDA Shyira (Washed)

RWANDA Shyira (Washed)

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Tasting Notes

Grapefruit, Malted Cereal, Black Tea, Nippy

Breakfast in a coffee cup!

A highly individualised offering from one of Rwanda's newest washing stations, processing Bourbon coffee grown at some of the highest altitudes in the country.

The result is a cup profile removed from the usual sweet red apples and cola and very firmly into Citrus fruits (yellow grapefruit), black tea, and in this particular case, honey nut cereal, overall complimented by a bracingly pleasant citric acidity.

A unique cup profile, highly moreish, and suitable for any time of the day.

Best enjoyed brewed through pourover.



Shyira Washing Station credit: