PERU Ignacio Huaman Pusma (Washed)
PERU Ignacio Huaman Pusma (Washed)

PERU Ignacio Huaman Pusma (Washed)

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**Now available in 1kg size**

We are delighted to offer larger sizes for customers who are heavy users of specialty coffee in a home or commercial setting.

Tasting Notes

Gingerbread, Yellow Plum, Raisin, Chocolate, Creamy

You want a coffee that tastes like coffee? But better? Well then, this debut specialty effort by Sr. Pusma has your number!

Classic, sweet and refined, what Blue Mountains wished they tasted like, this is a great coffee for any time of the day and so moreish.

Super versatile, it can be prepared and enjoyed with your favourite brewer - a true all-rounder.

A real success story for Falcon Specialty Coffee who bought this coffee directly from Sr Pusma's 1ha farm (all the cherry was picked by himself personally).

Falcon are leading the way forward for sustainable coffee farming in this part of Peru by paying significant premiums directly to farmers instead of middlemen and providing professional standard training and education to help them achieve their true potential.