ETHIOPIA Gidey Organic (Natural)
ETHIOPIA Gidey Organic (Natural)

ETHIOPIA Gidey Organic (Natural)

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Tasting Notes

Blackberry, Hops, Oolong, Honey, Violets

Organically grown and naturally processed heirloom varietals from a Single Estate in Limu Kossa. A great example of how coffees grown in Ethiopia can differ so dramatically from region to region. This one is a perfect counterpoint to our Konga from Yirgacheffe.

Very subtle, nuanced, delicate and complex, with layer after layer of flavour in great smooth balance. Tea-like and floral, with honey on the nose - a fantastic coffee to spend some quality time with during the day, best enjoyed through pourover and can tolerate quite fine grinds and high brewing temperature.

Organic certification ET-BIO-149.

More Information

Gidey Berthe's meticulously maintained farm sits in the very birthplace of coffee, West of Ethiopia in Limu Kossa. Surrounded by wild forests, seasonal workers harvest cherries before sorting.

The mill processes around 20,000kg of cherry per day during the peak of the season. The natural process coffee is dried for 24 hours under cover before being placed in the full sun for a further 7-10 days.