EL SALVADOR La Reforma (Natural)
EL SALVADOR La Reforma (Natural)
EL SALVADOR La Reforma (Natural)

EL SALVADOR La Reforma (Natural)

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Tasting Notes

Clementine, Milk Chocolate, Prune, Winey, Syrupy.

One of the finest Naturals that we came across from El Salvador this season - it has everything that we love about coffees from this origin.

Big sweetness from the Bourbon, and expert application of the Natural processing method from the Alvarez Family and team results in a boozy, syrupy lot that never ventures into wild territory, but provides plenty of thrills nonetheless.

We would recommend this coffee for preparation through Pour Over or Clever Dripper. Makes a fabulously decadent espresso too.

This super lot was sourced through East London coffee legends Nude Espresso who traded this directly with the Alvarez Family of La Reforma.

The Alvarez family farm on the slopes of the famous Ilamatepac Volcano in Santa Ana. The pickers hand select only the ripest cherries cleaned, fermented and slowly dried to encourage acidity development whilst retaining balance.