EL SALVADOR El Cipres (Natural)
EL SALVADOR El Cipres (Natural)
EL SALVADOR El Cipres (Natural)

EL SALVADOR El Cipres (Natural)

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Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate, Honey, Rum & Raisin, Creamy

A customer favourite, this special "Red Cherry Selection" lot forms the basis of the Cappuccinos and Lattes served at our stores and is our default choice when customers ask to be served "Espresso".

We hadn't previously made this lot available for sale in our retail bags, but demand for this coffee from home brewing fans has been so persistent (with regulars demanding beans for home use out of our espresso hoppers!) that we now release it in 250g bio-bags and available roasted as both filter and espresso.

As filter, expect a wonderfully layered drink, with Milk Chocolate, Honey, Red Berries and Rum all making their presence felt.

We sourced this wonderful coffee from Falcon Specialty Importers, who requested the El Borbollon mill to prepare this lot using ripe Red Bourbon from only the best parts of the El Cipres farm, which is run by the Alvares Gallardo Family.
Rainforest Alliance Certified.