BURUNDI Mpanga (Honey)

BURUNDI Mpanga (Honey)

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Tasting Notes

Tangerine, Pomegranate, Rose Petal, Betal Nut, Dark Raisin

A unique coffee from a part of the world which is still striving to overcome significant social and political difficulty.

Our Mpanga Honey was sourced through Falcon Specialty who are working with a small number of dedicated professionals, in this case M.Jean-Clement Birebireya, whose immense efforts are helping to give exposure to farmers capable of producing excellent specialty coffee.

What an exotic cup profile this is - with notes of pomegranate, rose petal and betel nut enhancing the syrupy sweetness and bold acidity of the cup.

We have secured only limited quantities of this lot - so be sure to sample some before it runs out.