BRAZIL Cachoeira - Direct Trade (Natural Fermented)
BRAZIL Cachoeira - Direct Trade (Natural Fermented)

BRAZIL Cachoeira - Direct Trade (Natural Fermented)

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**Now available in 1kg size**

We are delighted to offer larger sizes for customers who are heavy users of specialty coffee in a home or commercial setting.

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate, Yellow Fruit Punch, Syrupy

At Amoret, Brazilian Arabicas have always been close to our hearts, and the potential in this origin is tremendous. Yes, the classic Brazilian Pulped Natural may well equate with many people's concept of what "coffee" tastes like - chocolatey, nutty, creamy cups with soft acidity that go well with milk, but the true excitement lies in what a number of select, quality-focused, Brazilian growers have been striving to achieve, particularly over the past 5 years or so.

Mr Danilo Barbosa is one such visionary coffee farmer, striving to expand the scope of Brazilian flavours beyond the usual expectations. We were recently approached directly by Mr Barbosa's family with some fresh crop offerings (representing different microlots from their farm - Cachoeira, means "Waterfall"), and we were mightily impressed when we roasted and cupped the samples at our Notting Hill cafe and roastery. Clean, sweet, palette-coating cups with a lingering aftertaste and distinctive acidity.

The highlight on that table was the one that we picked for Amoret and present here, a microlot called "Port 05". This turned out to be a Yellow Catuai, processed using Mr Barbosa's "Natural Fermented" method - where the harvested ripe cherry alternatively sits in bags under the shade, followed by drying on African style patios, followed by a further resting in sealed bags until ready to be hulled and sorted for shipping.

We get the traditional milk chocolate in abundance here, but also an explosion of sweet tropical fruit and zingy acidity, all in great balance. A true all-rounder, which can be enjoyed through espresso as well as pourover, and all points in between.
This coffee has been a wonderful addition to our direct relationship buying program, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the entire team representing Cachoeira, who clearly take so much pride in the quality of their product.

Single-Estate Microlot.
Rainforest Alliance Certified.