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Aeropress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

Aeropress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

Aeropress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

Rich, smooth, delicious coffee without acidity or bitterness — anywhere you go. Brews one to three delicious cups of American or espresso style coffee in about a minute, and clean up takes only a few seconds. It’s a great addition to any kitchen but since it is durable, lightweight, and compact, the AeroPress also makes the perfect companion when traveling, camping, or just going to work. The parts of the AeroPress you would take along (the chamber, the plunger, the filter cap, and however many paper microfilters you thought you’d need) weigh 6.5 ounces.

Includes: Zippered nylon tote bag, 350 filters, filter cap, filter holder, funnel, stirrer and scoop. The zippered nylon tote bag makes the AeroPress great for traveling the world, brewing a great cup of coffee at the office, and camping in the most adventurous locations.

What our Customers say about our coffee

The flavour is so balanced between the nutty, malty, and at the back there fruity notes. I'm not even sure what to compare this coffee to so you can really understand how it felt. It's the best coffee i've had

Nico Boyce

Beware - it will ruin you from being able to enjoy regular coffee in the future.

Tiffany Seigel

For those of us who love a truly good coffee, Amoret is the place. The beans are ethically sourced from abroad, roasted and packaged in house. The level of coffee knowledge this man has is second to none and he is always willing to share great tips to home brewers.

Charles Thakker

There are a few other shops in the area where you can buy home-roasted coffee beans, but I like Amoret the best and drink it almost every day at home.
The skills and personalities of the staff are impeccable,

N Araki