ETHIOPIA Dari Hambela (Natural)
ETHIOPIA Dari Hambela (Natural)
ETHIOPIA Dari Hambela (Natural)

ETHIOPIA Dari Hambela (Natural)

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Roaster's Tasting Notes

Blueberries, Rose Petal, Candy Floss, Young Mango, Oolong, Creamy

This very special lot comes from the Hambela Washing Station in the Guji region of Oromia. Hambela sits between Gedeb and Central Guji. Its volcanic soil is ripe with nutrients perfect for coffee plants. Hambela’s altitude is higher on average than other parts of Guji with a clear bi-modal rainfall pattern. Beans from this region tend to be smaller due to the even and slow maturation process involved. The Hambela cup profile distinguishes itself for its syrupy body and vanilla notes in the fragrance. The coffee from Dari is collected from smallholder farmers whose main business is coffee production. The coffee is typically grown alongside false banana trees, which provide some of the staple foods in the Hambela region.

This coffee is a huge win for Falcon Coffees' efforts in Ethiopia. It is by far the cleanest multi-smallholder natural we have ever seen from this origin. Mr Abiyot of Buno Trading, who must deserve special credit for the quality of this lot, collects the coffee from more than 450 farmers. He has built a reputation in the community providing financing to farmers during the off-season and taking cherry in lieu of payment. A network of collectors, personally trained by Mr Abiyot to recognize quality cherries, will inform him on a daily basis as to the availability of cherry and current prices on the local market which will inform his purchases based on the capacity of the drying station. This coffee would normally have been delivered straight into the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange), where the efforts of Mr Abiyot and his team would have gone unrecognised, but with recent changes in regulation, Buno was able to turn into exporter and deliver this wonderful coffee direct to buyers throughout the world, enabling us to provide the appropriate credit and traceability to our customers.

This Guji natural lends itself incredibly well to both filter and espresso brewing. It is our current house espresso for Flat Whites, where it displays a smooth, sweet toffee and floral character, and the comfort of milky tea. As a straight filter, expect a syrupy sweet mouthfeel, a huge floral hit of rose petals, oolong tea character and plenty of young mango on the cool.

Sourced by Falcon Specialty Coffees.